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Trade Show White Papers Help You Understand and Adapt to Exhibiting Trends

Skyline-sponsored White Papers help you better understand and adapt to market forces and significant trends affecting your trade show program.  Just click on the links below to request your free copy of these insightful white papers.

Tech for Trade Show Exhibitors

Use technology to enhance and advance your trade show program. A large and growing number of exhibitors have embraced technology to attract more people to their booth,tech-for-tst-exhibitorswp create greater interactivity, and streamline how they capture and fulfill leads. Discover how you can integrate technology into your trade show program to boost your results and enhance your booth visitors’ experience. Based on an extensive new survey, you’ll learn numerous ways to better your exhibiting experience. Request White Paper.

The Value of Trade Shows

value-of-trade-showsBased on extensive surveys, this special report reveals how exhibitors and attendees find significant value in trade shows, and expect to for many years ahead. Use this report to help justify and enhance your trade show program! Exhibitors said how they are increasing their trade show participation, why they value trade shows, and how they are exhibiting better at trade shows than before. Attendees share the high value they place on trade shows for sourcing products, comparing and meeting suppliers, and keeping up on industry trends. Attendees also tell what exhibitors can do most that will catch their attention. Request White Paper.

What Attendees Tell Us About Best Exhibiting Practices

what-attendees-tell-us-thumbBased on an unprecedentedly large-scale research study, Marketech reveals what 3,341 trade show attendees, in interviews held at 30 events, said caused them to visit trade show exhibits. Skyline has sponsored this new, 16-page research report and made it available free to exhibitors, who can get a copy by requesting it here. The white paper details what are the most important factors that get attendees to visit exhibits, plus shares other key findings and best practices to help exhibitors improve their trade show results. Request White Paper.

What’s Working In Exhibiting

WWEDiscover how your peers are succeeding now with this new 32-page White Paper from Skyline Exhibits and Tradeshow Week Magazine.  The report reveals effective strategies and tactics exhibitors are using today to boost their results and stretch their budgets, with proven advice about Show Selection, Budgeting, Measuring Results, Lead Management, Exhibit Design, Booth Staffing, and Promotions.  Request White Paper.

The Evolving Role of Exhibit Marketers

evolving-roleLearn how your job compares to your peers in “The Evolving Role Of Exhibit Marketers,” a new 36-page White Paper from Skyline Exhibits and Tradeshow Week Magazine. Exhibit marketers share their mindset about their challenges and opportunities, new responsibilities, what they need help with, and what they do themselves.  You’ll discover what skills exhibit marketers depend on most, what they like most and least about their jobs, about their pay, travel load, and work week are like, their management’s sentiment on trade shows, and more. Request White Paper.

The Trend to Custom Modular Exhibits

Exhibition Outlook & Trends in 4 Key Industries:

exhibition trends 4 books

These four 16-page White Papers provide insight for each industry on the primary challenges facing these exhibitors, and the key themes for success in their changing trade show environment.

Industrial and Manufacturing Request White Paper .
Medical and Healthcare Request White Paper.
Information Technology Request White Paper.
Professional and Business Services Request White Paper.

 Successful Exhibiting Strategies In Uncertain Times

Successful-StrategiesThis  16-page White Paper gives you a fresh perspective on how you can go beyond just surviving to thrive in these challenging economic times. The answer to surviving this potential downturn is not to avoid exhibiting altogether, but instead to exhibit smarter. Request White Paper.

An Inconvenient Booth: Report on Green Exhibiting

an-inconvenient-boothWhat do people think is “Green exhibiting?” How willing are exhibitors to consider Green exhibiting options? What keeps them from doing so? To help answer those questions and more, Skyline gladly helped sponsor an extensive new research study on Green exhibiting. Request White Paper.

International Exhibiting Trends & Outlook


This 24-page report provides experienced advice for U.S. exhibitors exhibiting at foreign events, U.S. exhibitors in U.S. events marketing to foreign attendees, and foreign exhibitors coming to U.S. events. Request White Paper.



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