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How to Be a Fearless Female Leader

Skyline recently attended the 9th annual Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce WomEn’s Leadership Forum, where over 200 women and men came together to energize, educate, and empower women. It was a time of inspiration, networking, and encouraging every woman to be a leader. Read one participant’s summary in our latest blog post.

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3 Basic Rules When Designing for Events

In an age where technology brings the world so much closer, the ability to segment design for the immediate audience has never been more important. Putting your brand on display through trade shows and events magnifies the attention you will receive and the scrutiny that you’ll be under. The question is whether you are inspiring your prospect or merely polluting the space.

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The Art of Attraction – A Checklist of Tips to Draw People to Your Trade Show Booth

In the age of constant visual stimulation, social media and short attention spans, we as trade show and event marketers must plan more if we intend to attract new prospects to our booth of event. Check out our checklist of ideas to consider when preparing to draw visitors to your booth.

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