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Top 10 Atlanta Trade Shows

With its southern charm and world-class sophistication, it’s easy to see why Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the most popular destinations in the Southeast to live and to visit. We’ve compiled the following list of ten large trade shows scheduled for ATL in 2018. Start planning today!

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Going a New Way: Convincing Management to Try New Trade Show Strategies

Do you think your business’ trade show strategy is in need of an overhaul? Oftentimes, the greatest challenge to a new approach is convincing leadership to abandon their old way of doing things. If you feel like your exhibit efforts need rethinking, the following steps may help you win your management’s approval.

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Naughty or Nice: 9 Things Staffers Do to Get Your Booth Noticed (for the Right Reasons)

No matter how wonderful your exhibit or promotions, if you have booth staffers who are not paying attention you could lose more brand equity and sales than you realize. Yet they can also do simple things to get you more attention than any exhibit ever could. Below are the nine things staffers can do to get you noticed.

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Top 12 Jewelry Shows & Fairs: Check Out Some of These Gems

Trade shows and expos in the jewelry industry are among some of the largest each year. These international events provide a rare opportunity to see and meet with hundreds of suppliers and buyers in one place: and a chance to consolidate your buying or selling while engaging in critical networking. When planning your yearly calendar, give special consideration to these upcoming events.

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Comfort Marketing

Rapidly changing internet technology has marketers spinning out of control and more than a bit insecure. Marketers can find comfort and real face-to-face interactions with prospects within the physically tangeable trade show environment.

The Essential Trade Show Checklist

What do you need to succeed at trade shows? If you can check these 16 points off your list, you’re well on your way. You get two items each for setting measurable objectives, budgeting, show selection, exhibit design, promotions, staff training, lead management, and logistics.

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