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Account Based Marketing: A Primer for Trade Show Managers

Much of today’s trade show marketing focuses on lead generation. But large sales to strategic B2B accounts typically aren’t decided by a single lead – they are more often determined by a larger buying team, and each member of that team has unique needs that need to be addressed. This has given rise to what’s called “account based marketing” (or ABM). But what does it mean? Find out here!

Lead Generation / Lead Generation and Management

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Technology Trade Shows & Events for Early 2019

In today’s ever changing tech world, we all need to stay abreast of digital trends. If you’re not directly selling tech products or services, you invariably have critical partners, suppliers or vendors in the tech sector. With that in mind, we present this list of large North American technology trade shows and events already scheduled for the first part of 2019.

Brand It Like Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, which has a reputation as THE place to see emerging and established pioneers in music, comedy and cinema has also made it the go-to destination for companies looking to build brand affinity, especially among millennial audiences. So, when planning your next live event, consider these experiential marketing take-aways from festival organizers and exhibitors.

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